IV Sedation Special Offer

Dr. Robbins has been practicing Oral Surgery for over 20 years. Therefor, our office is able to offer our patients comfort and anxiety free dentistry with the help of IV Sedation. Our patient's comfort and safety are our number top priority! Don't let fear stop you from getting the dental care that you need.

This month, we are offering $50 off of IV SEDATION!

IV sedation is typically used to help patients relax during surgery or more advanced dental procedures that may take a longer time to complete. During this form of sedation, an IV is placed in the patient's vein in order to give the sedative medication. This also helps when dealing with a long procedure or with patients that have a great deal of anxiety about surgery or their specific procedure.

Together you and Dr. Robbins will decide the level of anesthesia that is best suited for you. Dr. Robbins may recommend IV sedation for some of the following reasons:

  • Can't relax or calm down enough for treatment to be performed safely
  • Needs oral surgery or other dental treatment that would be difficult for the patient to tolerate while awake
  • Needs a lot of dental work that can best be done in one long appointment rather than many shorter visits
  • Has a medical, physical or emotional disability that limits his or her ability to understand directions and be treated safely as an outpatient
  • Infection present that prevents local anesthetic

I had five teeth that needed to be surgically removed. The teeth were all infected for years. I had horrible anxiety and felt terrified. The staff were over the top friendly and caring. Being a extremely shy person I had to come out of my comfort zone. It has been over a month now there were difficulties with one of the teeth. Dr. Robbins was attentive and understanding and kept on top of the problems. I am still under his care.

There are two convenient ways to redeem your discounted IV Sedation Special:


Call one of our two office locations to schedule your FREE consultation and mention the Redemption Code below to find out if IV Sedation is right for you.